KHana Monkey teams up with Stemflux Ltd to launch KHana Med

Hong Kong, 11th September 2020: KHana Monkey has teamed up with Stemflux Ltd to launch KHana Med, a brand that combines the leading edge research and treatment of stem cells with the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana therefore expanding the spectrum of patients who can be treated by the two unique and innovative solutions to pain relief.

KHana Med is a revolutionary therapy combined with Stemflux and medical marijuana, a synergistic effect on boosting the immune system, faster cell recovery and better body performance. KHana Med is a rising star in medical tourism in Thailand and Cambodia, attracting patients from all over the world.

About Stemflux
Stemflux is a long established company with offices in Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia, with patents in stem cell and recombinant proteins production and application on intra-articular injection, medical gauze and bandage for the consumer market.
Stemflux has been developing cutting-edge applications in biotechnology, such as development of recombinant proteins, stem cells, and exosome, using the power of stem cells and plasma cytokine derived precursors to communicate and catalyze healing results down to the nucleus of the cell.

Stemflux is at the leading edge of research and treatments that have catalyzed a Renaissance in the “art of cellular medicine.” We believe that the use of Stemflux-Cytokines is a quantum leap in our clinical practice. We have been using Stemflux-Cytokines to enhance our results with cell therapy for the last 12 years, both in research and in clinical practice. We have been developing and practicing Stemflux-Cytokines therapy as a topical treatment, used for skin and hair rejuvenation, medical gauze and bandage for wound healing, intra-articular injection for joint cartilage regeneration, as well as an intravenous injection for therapeutic use in cellular regeneration.

Stemflux has pioneered and achieved new dynamics in cell therapies that have documented the reversal of progression of chronic disease, arthritis and accelerated healing for acute and chronic wounds.

With a focus on blood derived mediators (cytokines) to activate the self-replication ability of stem cells, Stemflux plays an invaluable role in regenerative medicine.

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Dr. Felix Chau / Managing Director - Stemflux Ltd