KHana Monkey joint venture with TechItHot to pilot self heating beverages with Cannabinoid

Bangkok, Thailand, 1st June 2020: KHana Monkey has entered into a joint venture with TechItHot to pilot self-heating beverages with Cannabinoid delivering a tasty and convenient way to medicate. The pilot will be expanded to the growing global market, starting with North America. First line of product will be strictly limited for medical use and will include CBD and THC teas. We intend to address the mass market in mid 2020 blending the benefits of green tea with CBD.

TechItHot is a Hong Kong based company that specialises in self heating beverages from coffee and tea through to ready meals and soups, some beverages contain Cannabinoid for medicinal purposes. For further details of TechItHot please take a look at their website at

KHana Monkey is a Cambodian company planning to bring the benefits of medicinal marijuna to SouthEast Asia together with a unique KYP (Know Your Patient) platform to ensure both transparency and confidentiality of patient details. To learn more about Khana Monkey and our products and services please check out our website at